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About Us

About Us

For years, you have had stuff cluttering up your home right? Things you love but never find time to use anymore. Maybe you are looking to sell some old collectables, you may even sell websites for a living – no matter what it is you look to sell, we are your solution. We set up For Sale or Swap UK as a hub where people can sell just about anything – items or services – we take countless amounts of items in thousands of different categories, and help people sell them.

If you are sick of struggling to sell your stuff or having to lose most of your profit to outrageous posting and packaging costs, then we are here to help you. Maybe you;

  • Need to sell stuff off to make space.
  • Need the extra cash.
  • Need a database to sell useful items from.
  • Run a business from the comfort of your own home.
  • Working too many hours to contemplate setting up listings.

We offer you a simple, quick and easy to use solution to all of these problems above – whether your items are antique or still in box, we can help you sell them with the use of our Advertising services. You could even sell your latest information products or other entrepreneurial ventures with us!

We even work in property! You can list apartments for sale or for rent, you can sell your holiday home, as long as you can play nice we can help you sell anything you can possibly imagine! No more “Who would want that?” or “Where could I sell that?” We provide you with the go-to place in the UK for selling new and used products and services.

We give you more control than any other classified advertising site, which shows in our positive customer experiences so far – we let you do what you have to do to sell your items, we simply give you the platform to do your talking.

You can list as many items as you like at any time, and you can put up 8 images of the item – free of charge, unlike most classified ads websites. The choice is yours – Classified or Auction. The price is the same and simple –

7 Days for £3
30 Days for £10
Best value... 12 Whole months of UNLIMITED listings for £30
Best part... UNLIMITED listings in the period of your chosen subscription.
No final valuation fee etc.

The search functions are highly optimised for finding local deals, making your life easier as both buyer and seller. We have also built our interface with Social Media in mind, and you can easily share your advertisement on Facebook, Twitter and other Media websites to give yourself further exposure!

Not only that but our system automatically posts direct to Facebook and Twitter – direct to our own pages. The advert then gets seen by an audience that may not yet have discovered the main website.
Furthermore…we pay to have each and every post on Facebook advertised further so that even MORE people see what you have on offer!!!

We even have a newsletter/latest listing which you can subscribe to - https://www.rebelmouse.com/ForSaleorSwap

If you miss something then it will be contained in the email we send out each time a listing is placed.
Latest listing to your inbox.

We want to keep everybody paying less and earning more, selling your stuff or finding what you need should never be a struggle or cost you more than it should, we want to help that process become not an obstacle but something you can enjoy. We have broken down the UK into local regions for drilled down searches and an easy to use chat feature, which lets you pick up the item with ease and keep in regular contact with each other.

Got a question about the website or the staff here at For Sale or Swap? Contact us today and we can answer any questions you have. Take away the troubles of buying and selling and let us do the hard work for you!